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Art needs to be alive. Which means it has to come out and play. Besides curating and setting up exhibitions, The Phoebus Foundation also regularly gives objects on loan to museums or collaborates in other ways with both national and international museums. In 2020 The Phoebus Foundation presents its top pieces from the late Middle Ages to the Early Baroque in Tallinn, Estonia. This is the first stop of a travelling exhibition which will be presented at other places afterwards.

The Phoebus Foundation also engages in research. It has collaborated on a number of research projects with the prestigious Hamilton Kerr Institute (Cambridge), The Courtauld Institute (London) and KIK-IRPA (Brussels).

Skeletons in Disguise, 1894

James Ensor

Exhibition projects

Aided by the Chancellery, The Phoebus Foundation wishes to disclose its collection to the broadest possible public.
Hence its policy of favouring a high frequency of exhibitions

In Flemish Portraits

The Bold and the Beautiful

Five centuries of cultural history undressed

Lace is more


Organising lectures is another regular activity of The Phoebus Foundation. Lectures are held frequently, whenever new publications in the Phoebus Focus series are presented. Each publication in this series focuses on a specific piece from The Phoebus Foundation collection.

The Pink Alley (detail), 1912

Rik Wouters

Scientific Research

The Chancellery conserves and manages the collection for The Phoebus Foundation. All collection pieces are preserved in the best possible circumstances and their material condition is constantly being monitored. The Phoebus Foundation has its own restoration studio, where its collection pieces are preserved and restored with the greatest care. Restoration campaigns often go hand in hand with scientific research.