30/09/2023 - 07/01/2024

The Brueghel family, spanning several generations of remarkable artists, has left a significant mark on the art world. This dynasty of painters, predominantly active during the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries in the Southern Netherlands, produced a body of work that encapsulates the essence of their time while transcending the boundaries of their era. In this manner, the Brueghels, as well as their work, remained cherished for generations.

To celebrate this enduring legacy, Het Noordbrabants Museum brought together the best works from five generations in an ambitious exhibition comprising eighty exquisite paintings and prints. Once again, an impressive display of no fewer than nine works from our collection will be showcased.

Abraham Brueghel and Jacob Van Oost I, Portrait of a gentleman in black Dutch attire with moustache and broad-rimmed hat, c.1650

Jan Pieter Brueghel, The Virgin and Child with Saint Joseph, in a sculpted cartouche surrounded by a garland of roses, tulips and other flowers, c.1662
Jan Brueghel I, Study of Apples, Pears, Grapes, Blackberries, an Artichoke, Spears of Asparagus and a Sprig, c.1600-1610