29/03/2024 - 03/11/2024

Step into the world of Constant Permeke during Constant Permeke against the light. With approximately 30 remarkable artworks, this exhibition in the renovated Permeke Museum offers a fresh perspective on Permeke’s versatile oeuvre. By intertwining raw emotion with everyday reality, he skillfully portrayed the most delicate moments of human nature, constantly pushing the boundaries of his art.

Constant Permeke, Bread Cutter, 1927

During this exhibition, you can also discover a work by Gust. De Smet from The Phoebus Foundation collection. Sailors in Ostend marks a turning point in De Smet’s artistic style in the late twenties. With a mixture of dark and airy colours, he takes the viewer back to the time when he, together with Constant Permeke, captured life in the port of Ostend.

Gust. De Smet, Sailors in Ostend, 1925