14/10/2023 - 28/01/2024

With Ingenious Women: Women Artists and Their Companions, the Bucerius Art Forum explores the careers of exceptional women artists from the sixteenth to the eighteenth century. Reflecting on contemporary themes such as equality and work-life balance, the exhibition highlights their achievements in the context of their families and alongside male artists. At the same time, the remarkable careers of these pioneering female artists are celebrated.

Michaelina Wautier, ‘Study of a Woman’, c.1660

During this exhibition, no fewer than four works from The Phoebus Foundation collection will be displayed, including the fascinating artwork by seventeenth-century Baroque artist Michaelina Wautier. Study of a Woman testifies to her exceptional talent and unyielding dedication to her craft. Wautier defied the social norms of her time and continued to pursue her passion for painting. As a result, she became one of the few female artists of her time to gain recognition.

Alongside Michaelina Wautier, Sofonisba Anguissola, Judith Leyster and Marietta Robusti, the exhibition focuses on the eminent eighteenth-century Swiss artist, Angelika Kauffmann, celebrated for her portraits and historical paintings, distinguished by a refined neoclassical aesthetic.

Curious to find out more? Visit the Bucerius Art Forum from the 14th of October and discover the captivating female luminaries of the artworld from the sixteenth to the eighteenth century.

Angelika Kauffmann, ‘Self-portrait’, 1780