14/05/2023 - 17/09/2023

Did you know countless Dutch masters were inspired by their southern neighbours? The influence of early modern artistic centres such as Antwerp on artists from the North cannot be underestimated. Time for an ode! With more than 80 works of art by resounding names such as Frans Hals, Maerten De Vos, Hendrick De Clerck and Peter Paul Rubens, this spring Museum Catharijneconvent highlights the important connections between the North and the South. With surprising dialogues as a result!

In the 16th century, Antwerp was the art and trade metropolis of Europe. Political and religious tensions ended all the glory in 1585. The Netherlands were split, the people of Antwerp fled and the prosperous epicentre moved towards the north. The exhibition Ode to Antwerp. The Secret of the Dutch Masters brings a unique perspective on this turbulent history and focuses on the immense influence on art and the art market that the fled Antwerpers took with them. Using large and colourful canvases and panels that are on display in the Netherlands for the first time, the exhibition highlights the enduring artistic interaction between the Southern and Northern Netherlands. Starring? More than 30 masterpieces from The Phoebus Foundation’s collection!

Frans Hals, Fisherboys, c.1634-37
Anthony Van Dyck and studio, John the Baptist and John the Evangelist, after 1618
Abel Grimmer, Interior of the Antwerp Cathedral, c.1600
Pieter Pietersz., Tavern Interior, c.1580