29/06/2024 - 27/10/2024

Ensor’s imaginary paradise depicts the unique bond between James Ensor and his hometown of Ostend. Throughout his life, he embraced the city as his artistic playground, which is reflected in his work. The many idyllic images of the sea, dunes, and polders honor the cultural coastal city. As a member of local artistic circles, he actively participated in Ostend’s cultural life and worked to preserve the city’s beauty. This special connection between the iconic Ensor and his beloved coastal city can now be admired in the Venetian Galleries in Ostend.

The exhibition includes no less than four works from The Phoebus Foundation, including Study of a Sleeping Man and The Spanish Musicians. Additionally, Ensor’s contemporary, Léon Spilliaert, is also featured in this exhibition. With Fairway of the Harbor with Fishing Boats, Ostend is captured in all its everyday glory.

Léon Spilliaert, Harbour-Channel with Fishing Boats, 1909
James Ensor, Study of a Sleeping Man
James Ensor, The Spanish Musiciansc.1890