08/02/2024 - 20/05/2024

From the 8th of February, Mauritshuis will host a new exhibition celebrating a pioneering figure of Dutch painting. This artist not only created the Netherlands’ first floral still life but also gained fame for depicting the legendary dodo. Roelant Savery’s Wondrous World invites visitors to explore the acclaimed artist’s world through over 40 paintings and drawings from both the museum’s collection and international loans.

Roelant Savery’s masterpiece titled A Cattle Market from The Phoebus Foundation collection will is also on display as part of the exhibition. Recently restored, this early work by the artist showcases Savery’s technical mastery in balancing light and colour. What makes the artwork particularly special is the combination of a bright foreground filled with livestock and a dark background suggesting an approaching storm.

Roelant Savery, A Cattle Market, c.1600-1620