21/01/2023 - 23/04/2023

We start our 2023 Travelling Treasures with a new loan that will be on display from the 21st of January at MSK Gent as part of the new exhibition titled Theodoor Rombouts, Virtuoso of Flemish Caravaggism.

Born in Antwerp during the late 16th century, Theodoor Rombouts is best known for his dynamic compositions depicting musical scenes, card-players and other merry characters enjoying their time. The work Cardplayers is exemplary of Rombouts’ style reminiscent of Caravaggio, encompassing a realistic yet spontaneous dimension.

Theodoor Rombouts, Cardplayers, 1627-1632

Discover Cardplayers and other remarkable compositions by Theodoor Rombouts at MSK Gent from the 21st of January. Tickets and info available on the museum website.