Collection Consultant Katrijn Van Bragt and Conservator Naomi Meulemans take you along on their journey to Sudbury, Suffolk (UK), for the installation of the Painting Flanders exhibition at Gainsborough’s House!

The works of art arrived safe and sound in Sudbury

Katrijn and Naomi made sure more than 40 masterpieces by Emile Claus, Gustave Van de Woestyne, James Ensor, Rik Wouters, and other Latem School artists could travel safely to Sudbury. Not an easy task in Brexit times! Each artwork was extensively analysed before departure and was packed in a custom-made crate. Aside from that, all customs formalities were arranged so the artworks could travel to the UK.

Naomi and Katrijn double-checking everything along with scenographer Lee Preedy

After crossing the channel and arriving in Sudbury, the paintings and sculptures were thoroughly checked to see if any damages would have occurred during transport. After everything was all cleared, a specialized team of art handlers installed each artwork under the critical eye of Naomi and Katrijn. Then, after applying labels and introductory texts to accompany the exhibition, testing the audio guide, and adjusting the lights, the exhibition was finally ready to be shown to the world!

The result! © Hufton+Crow

With Painting Flanders, The Phoebus Foundation presents the story of an essential piece of Flemish art history from the end of the 19th century to the UK. The exhibition is a real debut as it is the very first at the newly built museum, Thomas Gainsborough’s House, in Sudbury, Suffolk. Discover the unique show until the 26th of February!