With Koen Fillet and Dr Katharina Van Cauteren, chief of staff of The Phoebus Foundation Chancellery.

In this episode of the Phoebus Focus podcast, Quispe Tito’s ‘Holy Family in Nazareth’ takes center stage. Katharina Van Cauteren and Koen Fillet explore the fascinating connections between a painting from a brand-new world and a print from a much older one. Holy Family bridges two cultures: the thinking of the Jesuits and the heritage of the Incas. What follows is a story about artistic and cultural legacies.

Diego Quispe Tito, Holy Family in Nazareth, c.1675
Hieronymus Wierix, Jesus Gathers Up Chips of Wood while Saint Joseph Chops Tree Trunks and Mary Winds Threadc.1600
Hieronymus Wierix, Jesus Sweeps the Floor while Saint Joseph Splits a Beam and Mary Cooksc.1600
Hieronymus Wierix, Jesus Helps Saint Joseph Saw while Mary Spinsc.1600 Amsterdam, Rijksmuseum