Art historian Anne-Rieke van Schaik (NL) focused during het fellowship on the sub-collection Topography and Cartography. Anne-Rieke is glad to give an insight in her Phoebus Fellowship program:

‘Early modern media, the narrative qualities of cartography, and the intertwining of maps, books and prints in this period are really my cup of tea. As member of the Explokart Research Programme on the History of Cartography (University of Amsterdam) I am working on various projects such as a specialized database and a handbook of historical cartography.’

‘During my Phoebus Fellowship, I examined the wide variety of objects in the rich Topography and Cartography collection of The Phoebus Foundation; ranging from sea charts, military news maps, cityscapes and early world maps to colored atlases, travel books and globes. My job was to perfection the inventory of the objects and to improve the catalog descriptions. The striking research results and treasures of the collection will be made accessible to a wider audience later on, for example in an exhibition or publication.’

Anonymous, Conquest of Tienen, after 1635
Johannes Van Keulen, The Great New Water Atlas or Water World Atlas, 1688