With Koen Fillet, Sven Van Dorst (Chief Conservator) and Niels Schalley (Project Coordinator) of The Phoebus Foundation

The life of Saint Dymphna reads like a fairy tale! The life story of this remarkable saint appeals so much to the imagination that Goossen Van der Weyden (1465-1538), grandson of the famous Rogier, painted an altarpiece, consisting of eight panels, with an episode from the life of Dymphna on each panel. But it is not only the iconography of the masterpiece that is surprising. For more than three years, the panels were subjected to an extensive conservation treatment by the conservators of The Phoebus Foundation. They discovered even more extraordinary stories, which had been hidden for centuries under layers of dust and dirt. 

In the fourth episode of Phoebus Focus, Sven Van Dorst and Niels Schalley take you along their discoveries of the secrets of Dymphna and Goossen Van der Weyden. (in Dutch)

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Digital construction of Altarpiece with the Life of Saint Dymphna (1505)

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