Parents and children can enjoy a unique visit to The Phoebus Foundation sub-collection of Maritime and Logistic Heritage this year. ‘Sparrow beaks’, ‘pig ears’, ‘crabs’, the transport of wild animals, the ‘nation’s horses’ and pests in the port are all illustrated and explained in great detail during a tour of more than 1200 pieces from the collection.

Discover how humans and animals have worked together in the port for centuries through animal stories, talks about the human-animal relationship and delve deeper into the traditions surrounding animals during Heritage Day on the 23rd of April.

Location – De Argentin, Pretstraat 1, 2060 Antwerp

Date – 23rd of April 2023 – 11:00 to 17:00

© The Phoebus Foundation
Transport of dromedaries “Egli” and “Essa”, arrival at the Antwerp port © Beeldbank ZOO Antwerpen
Arrival of giraffes in the port of Antwerp © Beeldbank ZOO Antwerpen
© The Phoebus Foundation