With Koen Fillet and Leen Kelchtermans, researcher of The Phoebus Foundation

In this episode of Phoebus Focus, you will learn everything about religious women and their devotion, but also about Catholic and dynastic power plays. Phoebus researcher Leen Kelchtermans and Koen Fillet take you from the seventh to the seventeenth century and explore how Begga, daughter of Itta of Nivelles (c. 592-652) and Pepin the Elder (c. 580-639), was designated as the foundress of the flourishing beguine movement in 1630. Then, around 1635, Flemish baroque topper Jacob Jordaens (1593-1678) painted Holy Begga, resulting in a painting brimming with fascinating stories!

Jacob Jordaens, Saint Begga, c.1635

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