Discover our upcoming art project for children: What is Art? (‘Wat is Kunst?’) Or WIK!

That’s right! We are developing a great interactive art platform for children aged 8 to 12. Through several comic vlogs focusing on art questions, presenter Leonard, known from Ketnet, and his virtual assistant JOS, with the voice of Clara Cleymans, take children on an art adventure. Furthermore, the platform offers an interactive art gallery, creative games, and DIY videos to stimulate children artistically.

Moreover, we will bring WIK to the classroom! Teachers can find inspiration on the platform and download ready-made lesson suggestions for second and third-grade primary schools. These meaningful class suggestions let pupils reflect purposefully on art and experiment with it. An ideal tool for discovering all facets of art with your pupils playfully and interactively!

Want to know more? Watch the trailer below or check, available from the 9th of January!