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A fascinating immersion into the cartography and history of the Low Countries

An old map does not only represent a geographical situation; it also embodies a veritable journey of discovery through world history. In this book, historian Anne-Rieke van Schaik immerses herself in the many stories behind the fascinating maps, prints, atlases, globes and instruments belonging to the Phoebus Foundation’s collection. These objects testify to glorious moments and dark interludes in the history of the Low Countries, from the never-ending battle against water and the Eighty Years War to colonial expansion and the struggle for Belgian independence.

Particular attention is paid to the Southern Netherlands, where pioneers like Gerard Mercator and Abraham Ortelius broke new ground in the sixteenth century. Their maps opened up new paths, both literally and figuratively. Not only were they innovative in their own time, but even today they continue to offer unique panoramas of the past. With hundreds of beautiful images, Groundbreakers invites you to rediscover and redefine the horizons of your own world.

Anne-Rieke van Schaik was Research Fellow in Topography & Cartography at The Phoebus Foundation and is currently a member of the Explokart research group, affiliated to the Allard Pierson and the UvA.