From April 1 onwards, we bring Goossen Van der Weyden’s exceptional Dymphna altarpiece to the place where it all began: Geel!

With Crazy about Dymphna, The Phoebus Foundation is showing the altarpiece with the life of Saint Dymphna by Goossen Van der Weyden, grandson of the famous Rogier, for the first time in the St. Dymphna Church. Van der Weyden created the monumental altarpiece at the culmination of the Dymphna cult, which is inextricably linked to the city of Geel. The Phoebus Foundation subjected the panels to an extensive restoration project of more than three years, with amazing discoveries!

The exhibition sheds light on Dymphna’s extraordinary life story, the fascinating history of Van der Weyden’s altarpiece and the secrets behind the layers of paint. Moreover, you will become acquainted with the centuries-old tradition of spiritual care, mercy and charity of the city of Geel, of which Saint Dymphna laid the foundations. All this in the form of an audio-visual trajectory with a good dose of humour and haunting emotion.

Immerse yourself in the extraordinary world of Dymphna. Book your ticket now for only one euro!

(c) Luk Monsaert