With Koen Fillet, Katrijn Van Bragt (Collection Consultant) and Sven Van Dorst (Chief Conservator) of The Phoebus Foundation

The Study of a Young Woman (c.1649-1659) by the Brussels artist Michaelina Wautier appears at first sight to be an ordinary study. Nothing could be further from the truth! A look into the details and behind the layers of paint reveals great secrets of this forgotten important artist. Not only her striking life itself but also the intriguing work raises many questions. Who is the woman depicted? How was the work created and what was its function? Thanks to recent technical research, it is possible to see the painter at work.

In this second episode of Phoebus Focus, Katrijn Van Bragt and Sven Van Dorst take you behind the paint layers of Study of a Young Woman and discover the secrets of one of the most extraordinary artists.

Michaelina Wautier, Study of a Young Woman, c.1649-59
‘Study of a Young Woman’ 180° turned, MA-XRF-scanning for mercury (Hg)

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