You may have noticed… Our loan activities do not stand still! Moreover, ever since the end of the (worst) Covid-19 pandemic, we have a particularly large number of artworks that are leaving our warehouse on a short or longer journey to be presented in Belgium and abroad. Fortunately, Collection Consultant Katrijn Van Bragt and Conservator Anke Van Achter are there to keep everything on track!

Katrijn Van Bragt and Anke Van Achter

“From Los Angeles to Mechelen, from Old Masters to alabaster sculptures, … The variety of works of art that are requested on loan is enormous! The institutions that call upon our collection are also extremely diverse: from historic churches to ultramodern museums. Each loan request therefore requires a unique approach.”

Conservator Carlos González Juste is taking care of Susanna and the Elders by Jan Massys

“First, we consider whether the requested artwork is available during the demanded period of time and whether the object may travel and be presented in the institution. After all, everything depends on the fragility of the object and the circumstances of the venue. Is the exhibition space airconditioned and safe? Does the artwork require additional transport or installation requirements, such as a climate box or shock-absorbing crate? Some works even get a full conservation treatment so that they are perfectly ready to be exhibited.”

Saint Barbara and Charles V in their custom-made packaging

“After all agreements with the borrower and the transport company are final, we draw up an extensive condition report. Once the artwork is packed and loaded into the truck, the journey can start!”