The works in the Boerentoren have resumed since the winter holidays, and the team is currently continuing the removal of the floor slabs and asbestos. In addition to these projects, new floors have been installed on various levels of the building.

As usual, our photographers have been on-site to capture the current situation.

© Tom D’haenens
© Tom D’haenens
© Tom D’haenens

Last week, the new architect and design of the Boerentoren were announced to the public. None other than leading architect Daniel Libeskind and his studio were selected to transform the iconic Boerentoren into a new public cultural hub where visitors can enjoy spectacular art exhibitions, a sculpture garden, a bookstore and a breathtaking panoramic view of Antwerp.

In order to give the Boerentoren an additional, monumental allure and make the preexisting spaces functional again, the new design provides the necessary logistical solutions for proper circulation throughout the tower as well as the essential layout for the future gallery spaces by integrating two new elements to the already existing construction: the Crown and the Prow. The Prow will incorporate elevators and stairs to transport visitors to the top while guaranteeing stability, providing an ecological ‘lung’ and daylight to the rest of the structure. Additionally, the Crown will allow for a 360-degree panoramic view of the city to all visitors, celebrating the tower and its surroundings. Furthermore, an auditorium, a sculpture garden, and plenty of room for a culinary experience will be included in the new program of the tower.

© Luxigon and Tip Top

The new design functions as an armature for the tower, marrying art, functionality, ecology, and structure while preserving the original construction and its steel skeleton, ultimately resulting in an intricately intertwined compound of elements that are part of the same equation. This exceptional project will transform the Boerentoren into a public and educational centre where visitors can feel at home and enjoy art, architecture, nature, and the city of Antwerp.

Another month, another selection of images from the Boerentoren. Meanwhile, several floors will continue to be remediated, and other relevant works will be carried out. Floor slabs will also be removed and stripped for the next few months.

© Kristof Vrancken

As you may already have guessed, the works in the Boerentoren are steadily continuing. The demolition has been ongoing in the past few weeks, with floor slabs removed and backfilled.

A picture is worth a thousand words, so enjoy these exclusive behind-the-scenes images taken by our photographers this month!

©Tom D’haenens

The Boerentoren is in a continuous development as well! This month, the deconstruction works from July have been continued: the preliminary demolition of the tower section and the asbestos removal of the ‘foot’ of the tower.

©Tom D’haenens

Unfortunately, this month we were also startled by the news that there was a fire in the Boerentoren! A vigilant local resident discovered a smoke development on the fourth floor and immediately alerted the fire brigade. The emergency services arrived immediately, and the fire was quickly under control, which fortunately kept the damage to a minimum. The cause is still unknown.


Is it July already? Time flies! The construction works in the Boerentoren are in progress as well at a fast pace. The floors containing asbestos are being further remediated and the non-original interior dismantled. What’s more, the concrete ceiling by star architect Léon Stynen (1899-1990), which was added in the 1970s, was recently uncovered. An architectural gem that had been hidden for decades! The escalators are also being dismantled piece by piece. Not easy peasy!

Enjoy these exclusive photos with glimpses behind the scenes by photographers Tom D’haenens and Kristof Vrancken.

©Tom D’haenens
©Tom D’haenens
©Tom D’haenens
©Kristof Vrancken
©Kristof Vrancken

Although we are restoring works of art, making exhibitions and writing books, you would almost forget that we still have a tower to rebuild! Take a glimpse behind the scenes of our future exhibition spaces in the famous ‘Boerentoren’.

After the official purchase in November 2020 and the key transfer in July 2021, the first decontamination works were started. Removing asbestos and dismantling the non-authentic interior are quite a job! In the meantime, we are having the final discussions with various architects and we will soon be selecting the winning design. To be continued!

All pictures: © Kristof Vrancken

In 2020, we received the greatest gift we could have ever imagined! Within a few years’ time, visitors will be able to enjoy our exhibitions in the most iconic tower of Antwerp and beyond: the ‘Boerentoren’ (“Farmer’s Tower”)!

Constructed between 1928 and 1931 in art-deco style and with a frame of 3500 tons of steel, the tower is a true architectural gem. Various famous architects, among them Emil van Averbeke, Jan Van Hoenacker and Jos Smolderen, were involved in the construction of the monument. With its original height of 87,5 m, the Boerentoren even was the first skyscraper in Europe.

The tower was constructed on the occasion of the World Exhibition in 1930 by the Middenkredietbank, who mainly managed the savings from farmers and the Farmer’s Union. This is why the tower obtained its nickname ‘Boerentoren’. The Antwerp icon later became property of Kredietbank and KBC, whose logo adorns the top of the tower.

Boerentoren Opbouw

In a few years, the Boerentoren will no longer be a financial skyscraper but a cultural tower. Wandering around our exhibitions with a spectacular view on the city center? Having coffee in the sculpture garden on the 10th floor? Taking the elevator to the highest floor and seeing the entire city of Antwerp at a single glance? It will all be possible soon! We look forward to start this exciting adventure together with you!